Lawn Care

We offer Basic Lawn care services as a Standalone or in addition to our Pet waste removal service. We offer weekly or bi-weekly basic lawn cut and weed eating service, additionally you can couple our Highly Rated dog waste removal service with your lawn care and save money, while adding convienance

Monthly Service starting at a little as $100 per month

Monthly Packages Cost
Single Visit Starting at $45
Bi-Weekly Starting at $100
Weekly Starting at $180
Spring Clean
Services * Package 1 Package 2
Lawn mow & Trim Yes Yes
Rake & Blow Debris (1) Yes Yes
Blowout Beds & Hedges Yes Yes
Power Edging No Yes
Liquid Aeration No Yes
Price: $150 $240
  • Package 1: Two cleaners for 1 1/2 hours, additional time is billed at $50 per 1/2 hour
  • Package 2: Two cleaners for 2 1/2 hours, additional time is billed at $50 per 1/2 hour
Optional Services
Service * Cost
Weed control $40-$80
Overseeding $40-$80
Fertilization $40-$80
Power Edging $25-$60
Liquid Aeration $40-$90
Deep Debris removal / Dethatching $75-$150
Scarifying $75-$150
Tree Pruning $110/hr
Hedge Trimming $110/hr
Leaf & Debris removal $100/hr
  •  All prices are based on a 2000sq foot yard (mow able), and does not include G.S.T
  • Prices do not include offsite disposal.
  • (1) Package price includes the first 2 Debris Removal Bags. Additional bags are available at $3.50 per bag for off site removal, or $1.00 per bag for curbside.
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