At K9 Cleanup, we specialize in providing professional dog waste removal services. Our primary goal is to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for both you and your furry companion. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and if you're ever dissatisfied with our cleaning, we'll take the necessary steps to make it right. Just make sure to reach out to us within 24 hours of the cleanup.


Weekly Service

For your convenience, we offer a reliable weekly service. On the same day each week, our dedicated cleaner will visit your property, providing a consistent experience for your pet. We understand that familiarity is essential to minimize stress for your beloved companion.

Once we've completed cleaning your yard, we take the initiative to bag and remove all waste. Additionally, we ensure that your gate is securely closed, keeping your dog safely within your yard. In the event of any issues with your gate, we carry bungee cords to temporarily secure it and promptly notify you, informing you of the problem.


Bi-weekly service (small dogs only)

At K9 Cleanup, we provide a specialized bi-weekly service tailored specifically for small dogs. This means we come out once every two weeks to take care of the waste removal needs for your smaller canine companions. Through our experience, we've found that a weekly service might be excessive for some clients, and the bi-weekly schedule works more efficiently, ensuring a clean and tidy environment for your pets.


We Offer Year-Round Service

At K9 Cleanup, we proudly offer year-round service to cater to your dog waste removal needs, even during the winter season. We understand that despite the challenging weather conditions, your pets still need a clean environment.

In the rare event that extreme winter conditions make the cleaning process impractical, we provide a "Service Interruption" discount. This discount acknowledges the fact that your dogs still need their waste to be attended to, and we will allocate extra time during the following week's cleaning to ensure a thorough job. We believe in maintaining a high standard of service and ensuring your satisfaction, regardless of the seasonal challenges we may face.


Spring Service - (DOG WASTE ONLY)

As the snow melts away, revealing the unsightly and odorous remnants left behind by your furry friends, it's time for a fresh start. Excessive waste buildup not only impacts your neighbors but also poses a health risk to other pets. Luckily, there's a simple solution at hand: K9 Cleanup!

With our Spring Service, we take the responsibility of thoroughly cleaning your yard and getting rid of the wintertime mess caused by your beloved pets. Our dedicated team will ensure that your yard is pristine and free from any dog waste. You can count on us to handle the entire process of dog waste disposal, leaving you with a clean and enjoyable outdoor space for the upcoming season.


  • Introducing our One-Time Winter Clean: The initial hour of service costs $60.00, with an additional $1.00 charge for every extra minute. Our dedicated team diligently addresses all surface and partially buried waste we come across without resorting to digging. If we encounter waste stuck in ice, we make an attempt to remove as much as possible by scraping off the top layer. However, we refrain from prolonged chipping, as it tends to be unproductive and only results in minimal gain. We prioritize fairness to our clients and ensure that billing costs remain reasonable while providing an effective and thorough cleanup service.


  • One-Time Clean: Once the melt is complete, we arrive at your yard and efficiently take care of everything in a single visit. The drier the yard, the faster the cleanup process will be. Please note that our service focuses exclusively on dog waste removal.


  • Year-round Service: Experience our Year-Round Service: We provide both weekly and bi-weekly options to cater to your needs, ensuring your yard stays consistently clean throughout the entire year. By choosing our regular service, you can prevent your yard from ever getting too messy in the first place, leaving you with a pristine and hassle-free outdoor environment for you and your furry companions.


Sanitization Service

 Introducing the Aquaklor System: Proudly Canadian-made by Mega Labs. This innovative product offers effective sanitation solutions, typically required only twice a year during the Spring and Fall seasons. With the Aquaklor system, all you need is access to an exterior water spigot to maintain optimal cleanliness. It's important to note that the minimum outside temperature should be +15 degrees Celsius for optimal performance. Experience the convenience and reliability of the Aquaklor system for your sanitation needs.

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