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K9 Cleanup Dog Waste &Lawncare Solutions 


Does my dog need to be out of the yard when you are cleaning up his poop?

  • Yes, it would be much appreciated and will allow for much quicker cleanup.  However, if your dog is friendly and doesn't jump it would be ok. we do need to meet your pet first however, but the decision will be up to the waste technician.


Do we need to supply anything for the cleanup?

  • No, All supplies are covered by us.


Do you take it with you?

  • Yes, we remove the waste for proper disposal


What areas do you service?

  • We service Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, and Leduc


What is the method of payment required?

  • Method of payment preferred is cash, cheque or E-transfers or

         credit card.

NSF cheques are subject to a $50.00 NSF fee.


Does weather play a role in whether you come out and cleanup?

  • We are an all-season service and will come out as long as the weather is safe to do so
  • *Winter Note ( when snowfall exceeds 4 inches over 24hr or over 6 inches in 48hrs , Or in cases where temperatures exceed -40C service may be canceled for that week, Service will resume the following scheduled service visit.


Are there any places you won't work in?

  • Yes, we do not do under decks. We try to get in as far as we can at a reasonable reach or close to the outskirts of the decking.


Health Concerns

  • There are several very common diseases that can be transmitted to dogs and people through poop. Your dog can contract parvovirus or coronavirus through infected feces. Also, roundworms, hookworms, salmonella, giardia and E coli are very common, and all these diseases are very serious. We strongly believe that every effort should be made by pet owners/or a service such as ourselves to keep pets and family away from potentially infected feces.
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