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K9 Cleanup Edmonton's Professional Pooper ScooperSince 2010








K9 Cleanup pet waste removal is a professional service based around the pickup and removal of your pet’s waste. We guarantee satisfaction, if you are not happy with a cleaning, we will do what is required to make it right.


Weekly Service

We offer a weekly service, on the same day each week, by the same cleaner. This is to assure your pet, will not be stressed, by different and unfamiliar individuals coming into their area.

When your yard is finished, we remove the waste, and assure the gate is closed securely, ensuring your dog is safely in your yard. If there is an issue with your gate, we carry bungie cords to assure it is secure.


Bi weekly service (small dogs only)

K9 Cleanup offers bi-weekly service, coming out once every two weeks for smaller dogs, every week tends to be unnecessary, and we feel unfair to our clients.


We Offer Year-Round Service

Even in winter our service is available. If due to bad winter conditions we feel cleaning would be pointless, we offer a "Service interruption" discount. This is because your dog’s still do their business and will require extra time and cleaning when the spring comes.


The biggest advantage regarding winter cleaning is, in spring you will not be besieged, by months of unmoved dog waste. Anything we missed during the winter will picked up at no charge. In addition, K9 Cleanup will dispose of everything that we remove.


Spring Service

They are lurking just beneath the snow, waiting for that first burst of sunshine to expose their ugly smelly selves.  Allowing excessive waste to build up affects your neighbors and pet negatively. Now there is an easy solution... K9 Cleanup!


K9 Cleanup will thoroughly clean your yard, from the wintertime mess from your furry family member, we also provide the dog waste disposal.

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